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Easy to use 
You are in a GameJam, you have to go fast. The effects included in this package are easy to use, just drag and drop the desired effect script on the GameObject, tweak a bit to suit your needs, and voila! 
This package can save you time so you can sleep a bit (seriously, you should go to sleep). 

The scripts included will answer to most of your 3am jam stuff including : 
- "Wow dude, we should totally make this stuff blink in rainbow colors" 
- "I remember that I did a camera shake in the previous jam, let's see if I can find the script I used..." 
- "Yeah, I know I should add a security to destroy these GameObject I instantiate in the case they exit the screen, but hey, we are in a jam, so who cares? (answer : your framerate when there are 10k bullets updating at position -10000)" 
- "OMG there are only 5 minutes left and we forgot to submit screenshots!" 

Features : 
- camera shake 
Every game needs some camera shake. This package have a cool one. You can set the power and the time duration of the shake. You can also set a custom curve so the shake increase or decrease over time. 

- Color effect for sprites, UI text, textmesh, UI image 
You want a blinking "PRESS START" text? Your main character has been hit and you want him to blink while he is invulnerable? You want to add a cloud that goes through all of the colors of the rainbow, because you think it's an interesting artistic idea (and totally not because you haven't slept since 32h)? You can have one in seconds by just adding the "EasyEffectColor" component to your GameObject 

- Scale effect 
You want a simple scale effect when one of your item is enabled, but you find that using the animator is overkill? Add "EasyEffectScale" to it. 

- Rotation and translation effect 
You just want this object to rotate over time? Or move a bit? Animator is overkill? Just use "EasyEffectTranslate" or "EasyEffectRotate" 

- Look at 2D 
You want an ennemy to look at your character in the eyes? Do you want it turn smoothly? Add "EasyLookAt2D" to it. 

- screenshot tool 
You have to upload your build in 5 minutes and you need screenshots? Just drag and drop the screenshot tool and save screenshots in the build directory by just pressing one key. 

- destroy after time script 
You like to instantiate GameObject, like hit particles or "+1" text, and you want to make sure they do not stay in your scene after their work is done? Just attach "EasyDestroyAfterTime" script to it, and set the timer to the time you need. 

- exit app script 
Remember when your grandmother tried your previous jam game? Yep, she had to unplug the computer because she could not get out of your game. This will NEVER happen again. Because, hey, alt-F4 is way too mainstream. 

- key trigger script 
You want to test a feature like the spawning of an item or stuff like that using a simple keypress? Just add the "EasyKeyTrigger" script somewhere, set the key you want to use to test the feature and link the function you want to test. Hit play, hit the key you selected, and voila! 

- follow script 
You need the camera to follow smoothly your character? You need an object to act as a child of another object, but you can't parent it because you started your jam like that and unparenting stuff will break your game? Use "EasyFollow"

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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